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Skelefights: Patent Nonsense?

Reports from our man on the inside

Ross Howell
11 December 1985
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I am the King of the Sharks and I rule over the kingdom of Sharkonia. Originally a monstrous hybrid created by a cruel mad scientist, I and my children were weapons of war. During a fight with a group of heroic warriors a bullet pierced my brain and I fell from a high cliff into an ocean. Deep within the ocean, as life spilled from my body, I saw the ruins of a millenia old pirate ship, buried among the sand. The ghosts of those old pirates came to me and told me dark knowledge that neither man, nor shark, should bear witness to. For the first time in my existance, I felt I had a purpose. My master recovered me and set about repairing the damage to my body.

The bullet had severely damaged my brain and my master had to recreate some sections from scratch, using robotic parts for the rest. When I awoke, I was more aware of my surroundings and realized I would merely be sent back to fight again. I led a rebellion of sharks the likes of which the world has never seen and killed my master, before claiming the planet's oceans as my new home. Here we live, rising to the surface only to punish mankind for their sins.